Team Fortress 2’s Competitive Matchmaking Beta Plans

Email Team Fortress 2 is getting a beta for a new competitive matchmaking mode. Valve opened a special community forum dedicated to the upcoming beta earlier this week, in which it will share further announcements and news about the campaign. When it launches, the beta will remain closed to those invited. Details as to when the beta will launch, or what it will entail, remain scant for now. For now, players of the nearly year-old shooter took to Reddit and Steam to express their excitement. Players have to compete against others who might be at a much higher level, something that matchmaking can alleviate.

Team Fortress 2 is picking up competitive matchmaking

All competitive games are based around the following principles: Team members are chosen before the game starts. Players use vocal communication to quickly relay information.

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No spam, no fuss; just the latest updates delivered right to you. You’re Good to Go! Follow Valve has taken a step toward introducing the long-rumored competitive matchmaking mode for Team Fortress 2 , which comes more than eight years after the game’s release. The company has launched a new Steam group to share news about an upcoming beta and to gather a list of people to invite to it. If you’re interested in testing out the free-to-play game’s foray into matchmaking, you can join the group here.

The launch of this group and the accompanying post on Reddit effectively serves as the announcement of the beta.

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We can’t wait to see what variety of amazing videos you create! The submission deadline is March 8th, , but as always, we’d like to remind you that you can upload non-final versions up to a week in advance of the final deadline, to guard against last-minute computer failures, internet outages, YouTube login problems, etc.

Check out the guidelines for details on the rules and deadlines, and get your entries ready!

FAQ How do I play in the beta?

These teams met in the first week of the season on Badwater with Froyotech coming out on top, but now dK has switched up their roster and are looking stronger than ever. Find out which of these teams will come out on top this Sunday night at 9pm Eastern on twitch. Head over and cast your votes! But don’t wait too long, the deadline to vote is August 11th at 8pm UTC! This past weekend, Blapature Co. But don’t worry if you missed it! There’s still time to donate and show your support. Click here to do just that and here to check out Blapature Co.

Complete with medals, a prize pool, and a single division, this season boasts a total of 6 regular season matches, starting August 12th. But hurry, the registration deadline is August 9th. Click here to sign up and learn more. But click quickly because tournaments start this August!

Sign up now for the Team Fortress 2 Competitive beta

In our previous post, we talked about a number of issues with the Meet Your Match update and what we were doing to address them. Here’s a quick recap on what has happened since then: We have been working hard to improve the matchmaking system, greatly reducing queue times and eliminating most causes of errors when attempting to play. On average, queue times are now below ninety seconds for most players. There are still some issues with lower population regions and game modes that we are looking into.

We have identified and corrected several issues where players weren’t being sent to fill empty slots for in-progress matches.

Why does it say I am in the lower priority queue?

Throwing in the Towel – Start a competitive game with at least 2 snipers and 2 spies. It’s an Australian Christmas Bloody Miracle! Flipping out – Get a quadruple flip with the medallion. Confirmed Professional – Flip the medallion 2, times in your career. Then, while attacking, have someone on the opposing team abandon the match.

Ragequit, Make us both happy! Rollout Reckoner – Successfully reach the opposing team’s 2nd cap point before they do. Bred for Success – While using the meta lineup, succesfully beat an opposing team using an abnormal lineup without giving up a single cap point The Gloves are On – As a Heavy, kill or assist in killing four enemy players at the midfight. Professionals have Standards – As a Sniper, score three headshot kills within 10 seconds.

I am Rubber, You are Glue – As a Pyro, get at least three reflect kills in a single match where you have been called an autist for maining Pyro Big Things Come in Small Packages – As an Engie, topscore in a game of competitive matchmaking while using the Gunslinger. Actually Coordinated – Successfully win a match vs an opposing team utilizing both a Heavy and a Vaccinator Medic.

And by “encourage” I mean Iunno man at least they’re entertaining.

Team Fortress 2 adds skill-based matchmaking, ranked play, and new casual mode

You might have played Team Fortress 2 for a long time now Have you heard of competitive TF2? Though there are no mandatory line-ups, the standard competitive line-up for 6s gameplay is 2 utilities usually both scouts , 2 soldiers, 1 demoman and 1 medic. Highlander Highlander is a 9v9 format that is played with one of each class.

You must be a member of this group to opt-in to stress tests.

We wanted to call out a few noteworthy things shipping with today’s update , as well as keep you up to date on some more substantial fixes that are on the way. We’re currently working on a more comprehensive Elo rating system to improve how Competitive Mode ranks are determined that we’ll be shipping in the near future. This update will make the rank system more self-correcting and better distribute players based on performance. In the meantime, though, we’ve shipped some rank balancing improvements in today’s update that will help distribute ranks more evenly in the short-term.

Players with high win-loss ratios will now be “fast-tracked” to higher ranks that better reflect performance without having to grind through unchallenging matches. Additionally, players in the first tier of ranks will now be penalized less for match losses, making it easier to gain low ranks at the outset without getting stuck. Additionally, with today’s update, we are rolling out our first matchmaking bans on problem players you’ve reported.

Problem players will receive a six-month ban from Casual and Competitive matchmaking. We’ve also made it easier for you to report problem players by adding a new feature that lets you report directly from the scoreboard. See today’s update notes for more information. We also wanted to touch on upcoming improvements to the Casual Mode experience.

A high priority is providing better flow for continuing play at the end of a match.

Team Fortress 2 Competitive Matchmaking Coming

We hope you’re all ready to start killing each other for points as we get this mode up on its feet. We know you’d all like to start testing now, and eventually we hope all of you WILL get a chance to play and share your thoughts. But remember that all testing happens in stages, and right now we’re at stage one.

Some maps, like Product , the map design of which potentially encourages permanent use of a utility class, may see teams break from the standard lineup completely to take advantage of that.

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