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If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise! Have you been to Primrose Woods lately? Set up in by another of Boxford’s hard working, tenacious, team of volunteers. Primrose Wood is our own acre Millennium feature. A beautiful, peaceful nature reserve that you are welcome to walk in at any time. Its an important wildlife habitat, you never know what will you might see as you stroll!

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Located at the top of Butley Creek near Woodbridge and Orford, this is an ideal accommodation option for nature lovers especially if you are looking for somewhere to accommodate a horse or pony! The ensuite bedrooms are light and airy and a tasty breakfast of locally sourced produce is served each morning. Please click on the link above for more information.

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Properties fit for a Queen! Offer ends 10pm Monday! Many fabulous festive cottages are now reduced. Indulge in undisputed luxury this winter These terms and conditions should be read with the Booking Conditions and insurance information in our brochures or on our website. Especially note Sections 2, 4 and 7 of the Booking Conditions. Offer applies only to bookings for which are booked between 1st April and 3rd May

Fiona Bruce’s Britain: Sudbury, Suffolk

With few large towns, Suffolk has historically been an agricultural county. Sutton Hoo and Grimes Graves hark back to ancient locals, whilst the ecclesiastical links of Bury St Edmunds are reinforced by the presence of its cathedral and the ruins of the abbey. Suffolk notables include the leading suffragette, Millicent Fawcett, the first British female doctor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, and the charitable campaigner, Sue Ryder.

Country banks were ruined, he thought, by the Bank of England failing to issue enough money for circulation.

Roman settlement[ edit ] Ipswich is one of England’s oldest towns , [6] [7] if not the oldest. The claim has also been made of the Essex town of Colchester , but that town was abandoned for some time, leaving Ipswich to claim to be the oldest continuously inhabited town in England. As the coastal states of north-western Europe emerged from the collapse of the Roman Empire, essential North Sea trade and communication between eastern Britain and the continent especially to Scandinavia , and through the Rhine passed through the former Roman ports of London serving the kingdoms of Mercia , the East Saxons , Kent and York Eoforwic serving the Kingdom of Northumbria.

The famous ship-burial and treasure at Sutton Hoo nearby 9 miles, A gallery devoted to the town’s origins includes Anglo-Saxon weapons , jewellery and other artefacts. Ancient House is decorated with a particularly fine example of pargeting.

Historic Buildings in Suffolk

Gainsborough House is where he was born in and lived until he set off for London as a teenager to hone his craft as a painter. His paintings take pride of place in national galleries and sell for millions of pounds today. In this modest, late-medieval brick house, bought by his father, is an astonishing collection of some of his finest work.

Most famous were his Tours of England, Ireland and France, which mixed travel diaries with facts, figures and critical commentary on farming practices.

Ten-year-old James Hunter wrote his note and put it in a tiny veterinary vaccination bottle during a trip to the beach at Shotley, Suffolk, in November He hoped his message would be swept away by ocean currents and be picked up and read by someone on the other side of the globe. James Hunter learned of the discovery of his message in a bottle 32 years later in his local newspaper Instead it was found earlier this month by Alison Sampson, 44, during a walk on the beach just several miles further up the Suffolk coast.

James, now 42 and working as a scaffolder, heard about the discovery of his year-old message in a bottle after Mrs Berry appealed to trace the author of the note through her local newspaper. I can’t for the life of me think what we were doing there at Shotley, but it was probably the only time in my life I was ever there. There’s always the possibility I was on a school trip and I was bored.

It wouldn’t have needed much moisture at all to ruin the note completely. You do these things and never think about them again. The tiny glass container drifted out to sea near Shotley in and was discovered near Bawdsey Manor in ‘I suppose when you’re 10 years old, you probably think it might end up on the other side of the world, and the world was a much bigger place then.

I suppose it isn’t particularly environmentally-friendly and if you want to speak to a stranger on the other side of the world you can go on the internet. The bottle was of a type used by Mr Hunter Senior to store medication for the chickens he kept in his back garden. The tiny bottle would have travelled on the waves from Shotley out into the North Sea dodging container ships at the Hook of Harwich.

Currents took the bottle up the coast past Felixstowe where it washed up on a beach just eight miles from where it was originally cast into the sea.

Thingoe, Suffolk

Up to A parliamentary report of recorded a parish workhouse in operation at Barrow for up to 30 inmates. The old Guildhall, a building dating from the 16th century, on the Street in Horringer formerly Horningsheath once served as the parish workhouse. Horringer former parish workhouse, Hawstead, too, converted a former Guildhall for use as a workhouse.

The skeleton was kept, and the scalp and part of the skin were preserved.

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Kentwell Hall

In Haverhill as the seventeenth century gave place to the eighteenth, weaving began to expand in the town, no doubt as a result of the influence of Flemish Huguenot refugees who had settled in the eastern counties late in the seventeenth century, following the French King Louis XIV’s revocation of the Edict of Nantes. In Louis decided to outlaw Protestantism in France, which had been tolerated in selected cities since the Edict of Nantes in After he revoked the Edict, Protestants were persecuted in France, and hundreds of thousands went abroad.

About 50, came to England.

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Most of the population still relied on agriculture, even if they were not themselves the landowner or the farmer. As farmers got less money for their crops, they could not pay the wartime levels of land rents, and also tried to reduce their production costs by reducing farm workers’ wages. Agricultural depression meant misery and economic Depression on a wide scale. Landowners needed to maximise their efficiency in the face of falling prices, and it would be the common users who would have to give way.

This new round of land enclosure would put further pressure on the rural poor, and alter the landscape of the countryside for ever. The enclosure of the remaining open fields around Bury St Edmunds would be completed over the next two years. The company assets included the Wharf at Fornham, located just downstream of the site of Babwell Priory.

Romantic holiday cottages based in Suffolk

For nearly 20 years, our aim has been to create the perfect setting for a luxury romantic break; with five star authentic charm inside and idyllic rural setting outside. We also have cottages by the sea at Mersey island and up near Aldeburgh, if you would prefer to have a romantic retreat to a coastal cottage. We have beautiful cottages which are ideal for special occasions like a birthday treats, St Valentines or an anniversary.

We have cosy cottages, which create the perfect romantic setting for proposing to a loved one, or coming on your honeymoon to. We have love nests that are enchanting backdrops to a romantic retreat, where you can really enjoy eachother’s company.

He built The Street to run round the edge of his park, and lined it with well designed new homes for the estate workers.

Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Police reading tributes left at the scene of a fatal crash on the B , Great Waldingfield. It was reported that a silver Vauxhall Corsa had collided with a tree on Great Waldingfield Road, near to the airfield. Emergency services attended the incident, including an air ambulance and two volunteer critical care paramedics from Suffolk Accident Rescue Service, but the driver and passenger died at the scene.

Flowers and cards have since been left at the side of the road and a tribute has been scratched into the tree itself. A tribute scratched into the bark at the scene of the crash near Great Waldingfield, in which two people died. You done everyone proud. You will always be remembered. Sleep well with your best mate.

Words cannot describe how I and everyone are feeling. Never saw you with a sad face. Also left at the scene was a bottle of Old Speckled Hen and a bottle of Guinness and a black T-shirt. The B near Chilton Airfield.