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The old city is not surrounded by gated walls, and the bazaar is open, not covered. Such distinctive features, characteristic of urban settlements in Caspian Iran, have been noted by various historical travelers and emissaries. In Johann Friedrich Gmelin wrote that Rasht “has no gate or wall and owes its city name to the general trade in which it has continually engaged since early times” Rabino, p. Rabino, the early twentieth-century English vice-consul in Rasht, described the bazaar in these words: Until the 20th century, Rasht remained only lightly populated; according to the more optimistic official and traveler estimates its population did not exceed 60, until World War I, although this number was reduced greatly following fires or epidemics, such as the plague that killed half the population. According to the census, the city had , inhabitants.


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Due to the high amount of humidity in Rasht which damages and destroys the aged buildings, the primitive and worn-out architectural texture of Rasht is gradually being removed and replaced with the modern skyscrapers and apartments.

Sandy beaches give way to wide open steppes, thickly forested foothills and eventually the bare peaks of the Alborz mountain range. For many Iranians, especially those from Tehran, the lush vegetation and spectacular natural scenery, along with the tropical summers and mild winters, offer a striking contrast from city life and the dry interior. As a result, the three provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan which front the Caspian Sea in fact, the world’s largest lake are studded with resort complexes, leisure facilities and holiday homes.

For the international traveler too, the Caspian coasts offers a wealth of attractions and activities. The scenery, climate and natural environment mean that it is one of the best areas in Iran for outdoor activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, camping and horse riding, and with a wider range of biological diversity than anywhere else in Iran, there is great potential for eco-tourism of all kinds.

Also of great interest are the farming and fishing villages of the region where traditional lifestyles, customs and architecture survive to this day. Mordab-e Anzali is the largest of these, located between the cities of Bandar Anzali and Rasht and extending 25km inland. The lagoon is square kilometres of wetlands, part river and part swamp, thick with reeds and lotuses.

The lagoon provides a habitat for a great variety of bird life including several endangered species. Channels are kept clear through which boats can be rowed or punted.

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Rasht is known in Iran for its beauty and its parks. People for all around the country come there to experience much wetter and colder climate than the rest of the country. It is the capital of the northern Iranian province of Guilan. All in all Rasht and its surroundings offer a starkly different experience from southern Iran. By air[ edit ] There are a few daily flights from Tehran.

In a country where two-thirds of the population is below the age of thirty, and where recent data shows that

Stenka Razin , a Cossack warlord, plundered the city. Rasht destroyed by earthquake. Occupation by the Russians due to the Russo-Persian War. A major epidemic plague devastates the city. The British retreat and the Russians occupy the area. A revolt, sparked by the desire to collect a “road tax” from the Russians, was suppressed. First university established in Rasht. An old mosque in Rasht, Rasht was first mentioned in historical documents in CE, but it is certainly older than this and appears on the Peutinger Map of late antiquity.

It has seen the Sassanid era, the armies of Peter the Great and later Russian rulers, and British colonialism. The people of Rasht also played a major role in the Constitutional Revolution of Iran.

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Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: Though you have forbade anyone else other than Iranian to answer your question, let me post what I have answered to your similar question a while ago, those may be relevant here too: I lived in Iran for two years and having a good job when I was bachelor and working during Iran’s very prosperous days under the King Reza Pahelvi period.

However, the Rasht Iranians are supposed to have light hair and blue eyes from what I hear.

Aghdashloo’s aunt and her husband were merchants and wealthy ones. While living with them, Aghdashloo passed much time painting alone. After seeing his talent in painting, his aunt enlisted him at painting classes of Monseigneur Basil and it was there he first learned about the oil painting technique. At the age of 19, after successfully passing the university entrance examination, he enrolled at Tehran University’s school of Fine Arts; then he dropped college at The exhibited paintings were mostly about floating things, dolls and some works about the Renaissance.

While none of them were special exhibitions of his works, they played an important role in introducing contemporary Iranian art to the people inside and outside Iran. He took multiple exhibitions from Iran to other countries, including “Iranian Art, since the Past until Today” in China , “Past Iranian Art” in Japan , and the contemporary Iranian paintings with a traditional background sent to Bologna , Italy. During the period, his works were of floating objects having a shadow on the ground.

In a surrealistic environment, he painted dolls having no faces influenced by Gergeo Deki Riko and they later became a large part of his series “Years of Fire and Snow”. According to him, painting of such faceless dolls helped him say the subconscious suspicious and illusive word in the form of a painting. Utilizing Iranian miniature continued in his works and he used every Iranian classic style and space for transferring his subjective concepts about the contemporary world.

Aghdashloo paints most of his works by gouache on canvas. Painting[ edit ] Until , Aghdashloo had held only one individual exhibition in Iran.

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Anzali Lagoon is one of last resorts of Iranian wildlife which needs to be protected against fast urbanization that has destroyed natural habitats of uniques living species. Gilan ” Roodkhan Castle or Ghaleh Roodkhan is a Sassanid era military complex located 25 km Southwest of Fouman, nicely built at the two peaks of a mountain at elevations of and meters. Ghasemabadi is also the name of a traditional dance displaying work on a Bijar rice field Tags: Quake resistent and eco-friendly it’s a nostalgic model, reminder of times when humans respected nature and lived peacefully without harming the environment.

Emergence of grayscale pottery is directly related to discovery of iron which coincided with migrations of Arians. This phenomenon was first observed in northern parts of Iran.

Researchers from Kerman University looked to the motivations of Iranian high-school students who had taken up the habit of smoking.

Mohammad Reza Kachouie, another deputy, said most of those detained were unemployed people, “without university degrees”. The protests began on December 28 over economic issues before quickly spiralling out of control and turning against the regime as a whole, leaving 21 dead and hundreds arrested. Police have previously said they have released many of the hundreds arrested during the unrest, but that the main instigators were “in the hands of the judiciary”.

Some lawmakers voiced concern over the internet controls put in place during the unrest, including a ban on Iran’s most popular messaging app, Telegram, which officials said had been used to incite violence. Many Iranians use Telegram as their main source of news and a way of bypassing the highly restrictive state media, with almost a third of Iran’s 80 million people using the app daily.

Some 9, online businesses have been disrupted by the blocking, semi-official news agency ISNA reported, quoting a report by the culture ministry’s digital media centre. Pro-government rallies were again held in several cities on Sunday, this time in Qazvin, Rasht, Shahr-e Kurd and Yazd. Tens of thousands of people have participated in similar rallies in the past few days. The rallies are “the people’s response to the rioters and troublemakers and their supporters”, said state television.

It also repeated official claims that the unrest was orchestrated by the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia with the complicity of “anti-revolutionary” groups. Popular in the Community.

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Iranian woman sentenced to be stoned to death may be hanged instead 26 Dec Women are buried up to the their shoulders, but men only up to their waists. They are spared if they manage to free themselves before dying. Murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking are also punishable by death in Iran, which has one of the highest annual execution counts in the world, alongside China, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

At least people may have been stoned in Iran since , the International Committees against Execution and Stoning said in According to local media, MPs had removed stoning altogether from the bill that they adopted. But the hardline Guardians Council of clerics and jurists, which must approve all legislation before it enters into force, reinserted it, with the new amendment.

In years when domestic supply has faltered, that figure has risen as high as 74 percent Heydari et al.

Hong Kong Observatory [3] Source 2: World Climate [4] Language Gileki is spoken by more than 3 million people. The vast majority of the speakers live in the Gilan Province of Iran. It belongs to the northwestern branch of the Iranian languages. The Iranian languages form a top-level constituent of the Indo-European language family.

Gileki is closely related to Mazanderani and is subdivided into two main dialects: Bie-pas dialect is mainly spoken in west of Sepidrud including Rasht and Fuman while Bie-pish dialect belongs to eastern part of Gilan including Lahijan and Langrud. He was the founder of a revolutionary movement based in the forests of Gilan in northern Iran that became known as the Nehzat-e Jangal Forest movement. This uprising started in and remained active against internal and foreign enemies until when the movement was defeated.

Unfortunately, given the shortcomings of the advanced social thinkers and activists of the time on one hand and the stronger establishment of the old autocracy on the other hand, again the same privileged class and their political representatives took control of the new regime. The freedom fighters were not satisfied and in fact were disarmed, in some cases using force. Meanwhile the direct and indirect manipulation of the country’s internal politics by Tsarist Russians and the British added to the sufferings of the people and resulted in social unrest.

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The earliest attested archaeological artifacts in Iran, like those excavated at Kashafrud and Ganj Par in northern Iran, confirm a human presence in Iran since the. The earliest attested archaeological iranian jewish dating site in Iran, like those excavated at Kashafrud and Ganj Par in northern Iran, confirm a human presence in Iran since the. Iranian jewish dating site He was better able, through more benign policies, to reconcile his subjects to Persian rule; and the longevity of his empire was one result.

Iran’s Urban Population Up”.

This phenomenon was first observed in northern parts of Iran.

My IRL experience of Iranians from south-western and south-eastern Iran has given me the impression that they’re very brown, and look a lot like Indians. Iranians from the northern parts of the country have on average lighter skin, but usually black hair and dark brown eyes. However, the Rasht Iranians are supposed to have light hair and blue eyes from what I hear. Indeed, of all the Iranians I’m sharing with on 23andMe both Kurds and Persians , all of them cluster outside of the European cluster, somewhere between India and the Middle East, below eastern Europe.

The exception is this Iranian girl whose father is from Rasht, and she clusters in the European cluster at the outer edges of it. I also scored

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By the time those born around had reached twenty years of age, the rates of experimentation reached 49 percent for men, and 40 percent for women Mosavi-Jarrahi et al.

Cigarettes were first introduced to Iran in the s, most likely by Russian and Turkish soldiers and merchants stationed in the country. Preference for cigarettes quickly gained a foothold in Iran. By , the prevalence of cigarette smokers had risen sufficiently both to induce domestic cultivation of cigarette tobacco and to encourage systematic importation of finished foreign cigarettes.

Iran began producing finished cigarettes shortly thereafter, in order to meet growing domestic demand. In , roughly 30, batmans 99 tons of domestic tobacco crop were allocated for cigarette production, which equates to roughly one percent of total yield Floor, p. Over the next decade, with a cheap, quality supply emerging, cigarettes rapidly grew in popularity.

By , manufacturing centers had spread beyond Rasht to Mashad, Tabriz, and Tehran, while Gilan remained the primary source of domestic tobacco crop. Domestic production was augmented with continued importation of Russian cigarettes Floor, pp. By the s, cigarette smoking emerged as the dominant form of tobacco consumption. Practical considerations underpinned this shift. Iranians began smoking throughout the day, which in turn intensified their habits, increasing demand for the cigarette form of tobacco even further.

Nearly all tobacco gown in Iran was now of the kind required for the production of cigarettes. From this period on, a historical analysis of cigarettes begins to lose traction.

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