Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev dating

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley are colleagues on the scenic site. Nina Dobrev and Elena Gilbert — these are two very different women although the guys they like are not too different. The same is about Paul Wesley and Stefan Salvatore. And, of course, friendly — working together, of course, makes people closer to each other. And under the breech-sight of photocameras they do not appear as a pair, but only as colleagues. Why people considered Nina and Paul to be lovers? There are some thoughts:

Nina Dobrev: Why I avoided dating Ian Somerhalder

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Share 32 shares There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between the duo, with another source telling E! An insider explained that the Flatliners actress above, November 14 and her jam-packed schedule has meant that she and Glen above, February ‘haven’t been spending much time together since the end of the summer’ Pep in their step! People noticed chemistry between the pair after the couple appeared simple smitten back during Nina’s star-studded La La Land themed birthday party in January Fans suspected something was amiss when Glen unfollowed the Degrassi alum’s social media earlier this month.

He later refollowed Dobrev and as of November 30, both actors still appear to be mutuals on Instagram, however. The duo were also seen spending the Thanksgiving holiday separately. Fans suspected something was amiss when Glen unfollowed the Degrassi alum’s social media earlier this month. Here she is seen at Craig’s on November 20 with a friend Rumors about the duo were sparked much earlier, as the couple appeared simple smitten back during Nina’s star-studded La La Land themed birthday party in January.

He also accompanied her to the LA premiere of her film xXx: Return Of Xander Cage the same month.

‘Vampire Diaries’ star Nina Dobrev: ‘I’m a relationship girl’

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The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder Jealous of Nina Dobrev’s New Love

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Retrieved Jan 23 from https: So, is new romance brewing for Dobrev and Davis? Dobrev’s Elena and Davis’ Alaric wouldn’t have made it far on the show even if he didn’t die. While “The Vampire Diaries” pretty much lets anything go, and student-teacher relationships isn’t something that TV has been shying away from recently cough “Pretty Little Liars” cough , Alaric did end up becoming Elena’s guardian. However in real life a relationship between the pair isn’t too far out of reach.

Although Nina Dobrev is years-old and Matt Davis is years-old, the actress was previously in serious relationship with year-old Ian Somerhalder. But while Davis has seemingly made a move on his former co-star, Dobrev seems to be strictly wrapped up in her work a[bar] which is an upcoming movie called “Let’s Be Cops” with Damon Wayans Jr.

Post breakup with Somerhalder, rumors were circulating that the split occurred because the actor was ready to settle down but Dobrev wasn’t. Tweets from the pair had other fans speculating that some bigger drama occurred between the two 6 possibly cheating. Ask for forgiveness, not permission,” Dobrev had tweeted after the break up. People change and forget to tell each other 6 Lillian Hellman, playwright Fans of the CW series will remember Jow from the first three seasons when she played a vampire named Anna, and later a ghost.

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The two used to date until a split months ago. He started dating Twilight actress Nikki Reed, and it has reportedly caused some problems on the set. Reports from Celebrity Dirty Laundry go as far to state that he is starting to have second thoughts about his new girlfriend, who has reportedly moved into his Atlanta home. KDrama Stars reports it all. The sources did say that a reunion between the two is not going to happen.

Instead, Somerhalder is about to feel how Dobrev, who plays Elena Gilbert on the show, felt the last few months on set.

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Nina Dobrev, James Marsden Dating? Reuters Nina Dobrev reportedly hooked up with James Marsden last month, so are these two stars dating? Or is the Vampire Diaries star just trying to make Ian Somerhalder jealous? And what about the reports that her new boyfriend is really Dominic Howard? Is Nina Dobrev dating a sexy older man? A new report claims the year-old Vampire Diaries star hooked up with year-old actor James Marsden.

At the time, Gossip Cop denied the report, claiming sources close to both stars say the hookup never happened. At first, we also thought this Nina Dobrev-James Marsden hookup rumor seemed pretty unlikely. But now the report has spread to other tabloids, so we have to wonder if there is at least some truth to this speculation. James Marsden reportedly hooked up with Nina Dobrev, but that does not mean the two actors are dating.

It was a fun night of drinking and hooking up on Bourbon Street. Dobrev is reportedly wary of dating a man more than a decade her senior, especially one who already has kids. Marsden has three children from past relationships. We much preferred seeing her with Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder.

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder confirm dating rumours?

By Quiruben Dela Cruz https: The two had undoubtedly spent a lot of time together in the past few months. Obviously, the two will be taking photos while having a great time. Fortunately, those photos eventually made its way online. Apparently, the two celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday together with their friends and families.

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Share shares ‘They’re all about adventure and fun, while things were a lot more highbrow and serious between Nina and Ian. Nina is having an amazing time with Glen, she’s loving every minute of dating him and is happier than she’s been in a very long time. The Perks of Being a Wallflower star was spotted getting hot and heavy with her new beau in a photobooth at her best friend’s lavish nuptials to Brooks Laich Happier than ever: The couple couldn’t help but pose for photos at the party Playful: The two appeared to have a blast inside the photobooth Having fun!

The pair were joined in the photobooth by Julianne’s brother Derek Close: With Glen there was this immediate physical attraction and spark. It was instantaneous and full of passion, whereas Nina’s love for Ian grew out of friendship; it was much slower and cooler.

Nina Dobrev

And you know what? She had a pretty good reason. It was an adorable bit, but still, we feel kind of sorry for the “Vampire Diaries” actress for having to deal with tabloid ridiculousness every time she leaves Atlanta to attend a Hollywood party.

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Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder Relationship

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder seem very far from getting back together contrary to rumors circulating online. In fact, Ian doesn’t seem to mind that her ex-girlfriend may be upset about his bringing his new girlfriend, Nikki Reed, to the set of “The Vampire Diaries. Rumor has it that the frequent display of affection between the two is upsetting Nina. Meanwhile, unlike Ian who seems to have moved on, Nina is still keeping his rumored boyfriend, Mark Foster, from getting too much attention, according to reports.

She has not spoken publicly about Mark, but they’ve been seen spending time together. Reports say Nina may be concerned about making her situation more complicated than it already is.

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Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell breakup news: Kareen Liez Datoy Wed 6 Dec However, despite that, they are still together and there is no news about their breakup yet. Other reports involve Nina’s former flame Ian Somerhalder in the issue. They were also spotted in the after-party of the Golden Globes Awards. They confirmed their dating status after their intimate photos during the wedding of Julianne Hough were shared online.

The busy schedule of Nina is pointed out as the reason for their alleged cool-off. The “Vampire Diaries” alum is filming a lot, and it appears that she has little extra time left. Aside from that, there are no major fights between the two. The outlet adds that Glen is a very easy-going guy and he wants to avoid issues. Despite their status, the two are still seeing each other. Although Glen arrived alone, he reunited with Nina during the event and left together in the same car at the end of the night.

But fans noticed that the two did not share any Thanksgiving photos together, which makes others think that something wrong is going on. There are reports that Nina is reuniting with ex-lover Ian Somerhalder.