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In the five years Schultz owned the SuperSonics, the team suffered heavy financial losses, which led Schultz to seek funding from the Washington State Legislature for a newer, more modern arena in the Puget Sound region as a replacement for KeyArena at Seattle Center. Over concerns the city would accept a buyout of the lease, a grassroots group filed a citywide initiative that sought to prevent the city from accepting such an offer from Bennett’s group. Bennett later denied such intentions, saying McClendon “was not speaking on behalf of the ownership group”. The motion asked the King County Superior court to reject the arbitration request and enforce the Specific Performance Clause of the Sonics’ lease, which required the team to play at KeyArena through The timing of the announcement, one day after the Sonics’ home opener, drew critical comments from Tom Carr, Seattle’s attorney, who said “Mr. Bennett’s announcement today is a transparent attempt to alienate the Seattle fan base and follow through on his plan to move the team to Oklahoma City Making this move now continues the current ownership’s insulting behavior toward the Sonics’ dedicated fans and the citizens of the city.

Seattle SuperSonics relocation to Oklahoma City

While the lasting image of the Panthers may be of males in jackets holding guns, the majority of its rank and file members were women who struggled to overcome chauvinism. About the Film In the turbulent s, change was coming to America and the fault lines could no longer be ignored — cities were burning, Vietnam was exploding, and disputes raged over equality and civil rights.

A new revolutionary culture was emerging and it sought to drastically transform the system. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense would, for a short time, put itself at the vanguard of that change.

We work toward this vision by:

Donate About the Globalist The Seattle Globalist is a daily online publication that covers the connections between local and global issues here in Seattle. We highlight diverse voices and train the next generation of media makers. Our mission is to elevate diverse voices through media. We believe that creating opportunities for diverse people to report on and write about issues important to them, through a platform that engages a broad public audience, will help create a vibrant media environment that truly represents the world we live in.

We work toward this vision by: We provide journalism training and publishing opportunities for youth through our Apprenticeship program and Globalist Youth workshops, support innovative international journalism projects by media makers in our community and provide editorial mentorship to non-professional journalists interested in writing for The Seattle Globalist.

Acting as a bridge: We want that to change. Our editorial team is two-thirds women of color. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates. We host regular community events, including journalism workshops; happy hours; travel slideshows and more! Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events. We provide journalism training and publishing opportunities for underserved youth through our Apprenticeship program and Globalist Youth workshops.

About the Globalist

This educational video features four women imprisoned for killing their batterers and their terrifying personal testimonies. Domestic violence is the single greatest cause of injury to women in America – more than muggings, rapes, and car accidents combined. A woman in the United States is more likely to be killed by her partner than by any other assailant.

Hold Politicians Accountable See how your local representatives have voted on food related policies.

Position Open until Filled. Priority given to applications submitted by February 15, We are at the forefront of a movement of risk-taking art that shatters assumptions and builds community. Our culture is artist-focused and highly collaborative. Velocity is catalyst for artists and action: We work towards a world that celebrates a diversity of cultural heritage, race, class, artistic expression, ability, gender identity and sexual orientation. We work towards a world where dance artists are valued for their singular contribution to society.

In recent years, Seattle has become one of the foremost centers for dance in the nation.

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Fraction of the world’s population that are smallholder farmers. About The Film Once known as the richest agricultural country in the Caribbean, Haiti has been wracked by instability and natural disasters. When Timberland commits to creating a sustainable intervention in Haiti that will lead to 5 million trees in 5 years, they work to find partners that understand the harsh realities of aid work but share the vision to build something sustainable. But there is no structure to help them use what they have.

Vanguard of the Revolution tells the story of a pivotal movement that gave rise to a new revolutionary culture in America.

Audio Review Editor to present Advertising Managers have helped keep the journal on a financial footing and the association solvent. Bob Luyben, of Luyben Music in Kansas City, Missouri made phone calls to potential businesses in the beginning and Jim Schoepflin handled all the details of magazine advertisements the first ten years of the Society. This has relieved the conference host from this overwhelming task.

Editor Jim Gillespie has convinced many outstanding individuals to write special columns over the years. Mazzeo Musings by Rosario Mazzeo, former bass clarinetist in the Boston Symphony, offered discussions of repertoire. Michael Webster followed Howard Klug, offering pedagogical articles in the magazine; Michael is a long-term author of a series entitled Teaching Clarinet.

Seattle SuperSonics relocation to Oklahoma City

Download Audio mp3 [file size: Find Out the Winners! Join writers, readers, booksellers, librarians, publishers and friends to learn who won the Washington State Book Awards. This podcast features brief readings from the winning titles.

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“Paper Tigers”: A Documentary about Adverse Childhood Experiences

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Mazzeo Musings by Rosario Mazzeo, former bass clarinetist in the Boston Symphony, offered discussions of repertoire.

In Twenty Years: Capitol Hill (Part 1)